The comprehensive security tool for human rights defenders
What to do. How to do it. As and when you need it.


Umbrella will allow a human rights defender to choose what they want to do, such as: conduct risk assessment; securely make a call/email; securely access the internet; encrypt data; plan secure travel; protect their office/home; plan counter-surveillance; measure insider threats; use a safe-house; or deal with kidnapping, arrest or evacuation.

Once a situation is chosen the app will provide a simple checklist of recommended actions. Security First will work hand in hand with the NGO and tech communities, automating existing open-source tools as well as building new ones, and encouraging contribution to content through a Wiki/CMS. The app will also link up to a back-end management system that can monitor and provides response capabilities for people in the field.

The end product will be a live, open-source tool, allowing human rights defenders to protect not just themselves, but one another.

Security made easy

Because security must come first.